ISELFA Morsetteria was born as a class of activity in the electrical fittings sector of I.S.E.L.F.A. S.p.a Industria Stampatura e Lavorazione Ferro Acciaio (Industry for the forging and machining of iron and steel).

I.S.E.L.F.A. S.p.a. was founded in 1932 for the hot forging of iron and steel and in 1970 it expanded its expertise in the field of electrical fittings by taking over the company “Elettromorsetterie Volpato di Milano”, and creating the division ISELFA Morsetteria.

iselfa_generalDuring all these years of intense activity, the ISELFA Morsetteria division developed considerable expertise and a deep knowledge of the technical problems related to the design and realization of lines of electrical fittings, gaining the confidence as a supplier of big and important companies in the field of electrical power distribution in Italy and all other the World.

I.S.E.L.F.A. had a further remarkable growth at the end of 1980’s with the installation of new production lines and the implementation of Quality System according to the Standard UNI EN ISO 9002 (certified in 1994), followed by certification in 1998 as per UNI EN ISO 9001:1994 to pass in December 2003 to UNI EN 9001:2000.

In 2006 the ISELFA Morsetteria division took on its own legal form under the name of ISELFA Morsetteria S.r.l., keeping the design and production of fittings, joints, vibration dampers, spacer dampers for medium, high and very high voltage power lines.

The choice of establishing a separate company, keeping sinergy with I.S.E.L.F.A. Spa for the furniture of forging items, was dictated by the need of creating a flexible structure capable of meeting the requirements of a market in constant evolution.

In 2012 ISELFA Morsetteria became part of the KARAMTARA Engineering Pvd Ltd Group, contributing in development its “Hardware and Fittings” Division.
The KARAMTARA Group is market leader in the field of the design and manufacturing of towers for the realization of transmission lines in the power and Telecom sector.
Becoming part of KARAMTARA Group, ISELFA Morsetteria could expand and extend its business, sharing its knowledge about fitting for the creation of new products, in line with the current market needs.


The customers of ISELFA Morsetteria S.r.l. are the main companies operating in the field of power distribution.

  • Terna         (Italy)
  • RFI           (Italy)
  • Hyundai       (Korea)
  • Inabensa      (Spain)
  • IPTO (ex PPC) (Greece)
  • Techint       (Mexico)
  • EAC           (Cyprus)
  • Aracan        (Egypt)
  • Kalpataru     (India)

ISELFA Morsetteria products has been sucessfully installed on power transmission lines of over 40 Countries in the World.

Items manufactured in ISELFA can be used for:

  • •Electric power transmission and distribution lines
  • •Electric power transformation substations
  • •Railway sector

Iselfa Morsetteria is involved in design and production of electrical fittings for high and ultra high transmission line of particular relevance as:

  • Italy,  ENEL 1000kV, Experimental trasmission line in Suvereto
  • Italy,  TERNA 380kV, Line Trino-Lacchiarella – Tower “Germoglio” (Arch. Dutton, Rosental project)
  • Ukraine, KALPATARU 750kV, Line Rivne NPP – ST Kievska

Our policy si based on:

  • Good quality of products
  • •Compliance to Specifications
  • •On time Delivery
  • •Price-sensitivity of the market